Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Social exercise

My best friend was telling me how she is getting ready to do a mini triathlon. I thought maybe I would set that as a goal and try it with her.  Was sitting there talking to a girl who is very physically fit about it and she tells me I should run the city 5K with her. I tell her I hate running and she encourages me I should do it. Triathlon and 5k on the same day.  I have this idea that i should invite the sisters in my ward to particiapate and we can train from couch to 5k together. Not even thinking through this big thing. Before I know it I am announcing in church that we are going to do this. I really think that know one will do it.  Had tons of people sign up.  Decided to do it 3 nights a week.  Showed up there tonight and ther were atleast 25 women there. Didn't want to go but felt I need to commit. Also had Ingrid encourage me as I was running. wanted to quit and she kept pushing me to go. Had my neice also teaming up to get me moving.  I really would have stayed home and watched a show if I hadn't committed to others to be there. 
First run in a very long time and started out way to fast. My lungs were burning. My head was pounding and I felt like I was going to throw up.  Lesson learned. Start slow. Don't try to start out running as fast as you can because then you won't have it in you to finish the rest.  My thoughts are this. Really not sure I have it in me to keep going. I hate running! I'm not good at it. But I better not let the other sisters down. If the 80 year old sisters can show up to walk around the track and that is hard for them. Then I can show up to do the workouts.  Here I go. From couch to 5k.  With 30 other sisters to help me.  Hope they don't quit!

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